Retro Fitness Hours Today (2024)

1. Best Gym, Personal Trainers & Fitness Club in Edison, NJ 08820 | Join Now

  • Membership plans start as low as: · FRI 5:00 am - 10:00 pm · SAT 7:00 am - 7:00 pm · SUN 7:00 am - 7:00 pm · MON 5:00 am - 10:00 pm · TUE 5:00 am - 10:00 pm · WED 5: ...

  • The gym with everything you need to get fit and stay fit. At Retro Fitness Edison, you'll find top exercise equipment, tanning beds and group fitness classes. Memberships start at $19.99/Month. Get a Free Trial Today!

2. Retro Fitness - Edison, NJ - Facebook

  • Retro Fitness - Edison, NJ, Edison. 2683 likes · 6 talking about this · 16034 were here. It's not about the gym.It's about how you feel in it. Get...

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3. Gyms Near Me, Fitness Classes, HIIT | Retro Fitness

4. Retro Fitness - Raritan, NJ - Facebook

  • Retro Fitness - Raritan, NJ, Raritan. 1771 likes · 6 talking about this · 13071 were here. It's not about the gym.It's about how you feel in it. Get...

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5. Retro Fitness - Best Gym Near Me

  • Group Fitness Classes · Locations · Contact Us · Free pass

  • Retro Fitness is an inexpensive gym, offering new and modern, cardio and strength equipment, personal training, group classes, mental health and wellness resources, and great amenities. Get your free pass today!

6. Staten Island (New Springville) - Retro Fitness

  • Staten Island (New Springville). 2385 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314. (718) 761-7400. Start Today Free Pass ...

  • The gym with everything you need to get fit and stay fit. At Retro Fitness New Springville, you'll find top exercise equipment, a smoothie bar and a cardio movie theatre. Memberships start at $19.99/Month. Get a Free Trial Today!

7. Retro Fitness Store | Westfield Annapolis

  • Retro Fitness Store at Westfield Annapolis. Retro Fitness. Open todayFrom 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Yesterday's finish line is just today's starting line. For us ...

  • Discover the Retro Fitness store at Westfield Annapolis Shopping Center

Retro Fitness Store | Westfield Annapolis

8. Better Gym. Better Price. | Join EōS Fitness

  • EōS Fitness is the better gym at the better price. Achieve your fitness goals with group classes, tons of equipment, great amenities, personal training and ...

  • EōS Fitness is the better gym at the better price. Achieve your fitness goals with group classes, tons of equipment, great amenities, personal training and so much more!

9. Retro Fitness - Tappan, NY 10983 - Yellow Pages

  • Retro Fitness. Gymnasiums, Exercise & Fitness Equipment, Health & Fitness Program Consultants · Be the first to review! OPEN NOW. Today: 5:00 am - 11:00 pm. BBB ...

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Retro Fitness - Tappan, NY 10983 - Yellow Pages

10. Gym Locations | Piscataway, NJ - 24 Hour Fitness

  • 24 Hour Fitness is a fitness center with locations in Gym Locations | Piscataway, NJ. Find your nearest gym and get started on your fitness journey today!

Retro Fitness Hours Today (2024)


Who is the owner of Retro Fitness? ›

Eric Casaburi CEO and Founder of Retro Fitness.

What is the youngest age to join retro fitness? ›

You may not access the Services or accept this Agreement if You are not at least 18 years old, You do not have authority to bind the Entity on behalf of which you purport to act, or You do not agree with any part of this Agreement.

How do I get out of my retro fitness contract? ›

Within the first three days of signing your membership agreement, you can cancel with no penalties. Within the first year of your contract, but after the first three days, you can cancel at any time by paying three months of your membership, or the remaining part of your 12-month membership, whichever is less.

How many retro fitness locations are there in the US? ›

Workout at any of our 120+ Locations across America.

How much does it cost to own a Retro Fitness? ›

Facts & Figures
Liquid capital required$500,000
Net worth required$2,000,000
Investment$1,107,750 - $1,785,000
Franchise fee$69,000
4 more rows

Can you make money owning a gym? ›

The income of a gym owner in the U.S. is not a static figure; it fluctuates based on several variables. The average annual profitability range of $80,000 to $180,000 provides a baseline for potential income. This range translates into monthly earnings based on the gym's size, membership count, and service pricing.

Can a 70 year old join a gym? ›

Exercise is important, whatever age you may be and the gym is one of the best places to get active and stay active. Many may see the gym as the domain of young people only, but that's just not the case and to prove it, we've put together 10 reasons why over-65s should join the gym.

Can a 60 year old start gym? ›

That means it's always the perfect time to make regular exercise a healthy habit and get fit at 60. No, you don't need to work as hard as you did in your 20s. You definitely don't need expensive equipment or accessories. And it's absolutely never too late to start.

How to start fitness at 60? ›

Exercise 20 to 30 minutes on most days. A combination of aerobic (walking, swimming) and strength training (weights) is best. Walking is one of the easiest activities to start. You don't have to do all 30 minutes at once.

Can I cancel a 12 month gym contract? ›

Your gym should let you cancel your contract if you've had a change in circ*mstances that means you can't afford the monthly payments. It would have to be something significant, eg you've lost your job or suddenly found yourself in a lot of debt. You'll need evidence to prove this to your gym.

What do I do if my gym won't cancel? ›

Even if they stopped charging your credit card, they could still sue you for the amount you owe them. You have to cancel your gym membership if you don't want it anymore. Send them a registered letter and CC the state's Attorney General office if they won't cancel the account for you.

What is the US most popular gym? ›

Planet Fitness: This is the most popular gym franchise in America, offering cardio, strength, circuit training, and more. It has a massive membership of fitness beginners who like its simplicity, price, and judgment-free atmosphere.

Who owns retro gym? ›

Established in 2004 by Eric Casaburi, Retro Fitness is a gym franchise capitalizing on a unique approach to health and wellness. The company, headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, began offering franchise opportunities two years later in 2006.

Why is retro fitness called retro fitness? ›

While “Retro” in our brand name stands for a timeless approach to exercise, health, and fitness, we are leading the way in our industry through innovation and by crafting a brand that consumers want to belong to – well beyond the gym.

Who is the owner of Retro Fitness of Whippany? ›

Frank Steves - Owner/Manager - Retro Fitness of Whippany | LinkedIn.

Does Jordan Knight own a gym? ›

Back in the 1980s, Jordan Knight led the music group, New Kids on the Block (NKOTB). Today, the singer is returning to his retro roots by converting his Fit World gym into a Retro Fitness franchise.

Who is the CEO of Fitness Town? ›

I, James Newman, the CEO of Fitness Town have been using PowerBocks ( believe or not ) since their inception over 20 years ago.

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