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Need help completing Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part Four? Have a read of this quest walkthrough.

By Will Dowey |

First Published June 9, 2023, 16:18

Tarkov Gunsmith Part 4 Mechanic Quest Guide (1)

Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part Four has thankfully been updated to something more appropriate considering the infancy of the quest. Gunsmith Part One, Two, and Three are considered relatively easy tasks, and then a huge jump to an M4 build, whereas now we've been graciously awarded the SKS to build, thanks, Mechanic! Within this quest, we're going to tell you the specific criteria and build Mechanic desires for the SKS to match. Thankfully the quest isn't particularly tricky, having players only require level one for most traders, although the flea market will be required to acquire a suppressor.

Table of Contents

  • What Do You Need To Do For Gunsmith Part 4
  • How To Complete Gunsmith Part 4
  • Gunsmith Part 4 Rewards

What Do You Need To Do For Gunsmith Part 4

Gunsmith Part 4 will require you to match the SKS with the following criteria:

  • 60 Durability
  • 35 or greater ergonomics
  • 350 or less recoil
  • 600 or greater sighting range
  • A magazine with a capacity of at least 20
  • A silencer

As previously mentioned, you can purchase these items primarily from loyalty level one trader, the only issue newer players are going to face is the silencer. This will require the play to be level 15 to unlock the flea market or find the item in raid to apply to their weapon. However, if you have a friend who can purchase the item for you and drop it in raid, do that instead.

How To Complete Gunsmith Part 4

To complete Gunsmith Part 4, you'll need to equip your SKS with the following attachments:

AttachmentMerchantLoyalty Level
SKS 7.62x39 ProMag SKS-A5 20-round magazinePeacekeeper | SkierLL1 | LL1 (Barter)
NPZ USP-1 "Tyulpan" 4x scopePraporLL1
SKS TAPCO Intrafuse chassisMechanicLL1
SKS TAPCO Intrafuse buffer tubeMechanicLL1
SKS TAPCO Intrafuse kit SAW-Style pistol gripMechanicLL1
High-standard M4SS StockPeacekeeperLL1
SKS Hexagon 7.62x39 sound suppressorSkierLL3

If you decide, instead of the SKS Hexagon sound suppressor, you can select the AKM Zenit DTK-4M 7.62x39 sound suppressor that attaches through the SKS Weapon Tuning 7.62x39 thread adapter. These suppressors will be obtainable through Skier loyalty level three or the flea market unlocked at level fifteen.

Gunsmith Part 4 Rewards

The rewards from completing this task are:

  • +3,600EXP
  • Mechanic Rep+0.01
  • 25,000 Roubles
    • 26,250 Roubles withIntelligence CenterLevel 1
    • 28,750 Roubles withIntelligence CenterLevel 2
  • 2×Gunpowder "Kite"
  • 1×Car battery
  • 1×Electric motor
  • Unlocks barter forPP-19-01 "Vityaz" 9x19 submachine gun(variant Zenit) atMechanicLL1

Far more exciting rewards than the previous Gunsmith tasks, next are the more exciting rewards. Although the current and previous Gunsmith tasks have lacked XP, significant amounts are about to come in later Gunsmith Tasks. Stay loyal to Mechanic and he'll stay loyal to you, when unlocking the flea market you are able to sell these rewards to obtain a higher cash reward. Or, you can save them to craft items inside of the hideout or to use for later tasks, regardless, you're going to make money.

Ready for the next step in the quest? Click here for Gunsmith Part 5.

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Tarkov Gunsmith Part 4 Mechanic Quest Guide (3)

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Tarkov Gunsmith Part 4 Mechanic Quest Guide (4)

Tarkov Gunsmith Part 4 Mechanic Quest Guide (2024)


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