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  • Enjoy comfortable weather ...

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2. Monica Cryan |

  • Monica earned her Meteorology degree from Penn State University and is a proud Nittany Lion. During her time in college, Monica was a part of Campus Weather ...

  • Monica joined the PHL17 team in October of 2018. She is very excited to forecast for her family and friends in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. She grew up and currently resides in “Everybody’…

Monica Cryan |

3. Weather prep -

Weather prep -

4. PHL17 is your source for Philly News and great programming like PHL17 ...

  • Weather · PHL17 Streaming · PHL17 Contest · Program Schedule

  • PHL17 is your source for Philly News and great CW programming and great local programming like PHL17 Morning News, Weekend Philler, Delco Duo and In Focus

PHL17 is your source for Philly News and great programming like PHL17 ...

5. PHL17 Streaming

  • Streaming Schedule on · PHL17 Morning News airs 5am to 9am Monday thru Friday · (Stream Replay: 7-9am Monday thru Friday) · Action News at Ten on PHL17 ...

  • Streaming Schedule on NOTE: Embedding PHL17 debates, forums, or any other live programming is strictly prohibited without permission of the station. Beginning January 12, 2023 all PHL17 p…

PHL17 Streaming

6. PHL17 Morning News

  • PHL17 Morning News airs weekdays from 4:55 – 9am. We're all local, all morning long. Let our news team give you all the information you need to get out the ...

  • Wake up with PHL17! PHL17 Morning News airs weekdays from 4:55 – 9am. We’re all local, all morning long. Let our news team give you all the information you need to get out the door. Our local repor…

PHL17 Morning News


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8. PHL17 - Facebook

  • PHL17, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 56305 likes · 216 talking about this · 1218 were here. PHL17 - We are Philadelphia ... Enjoy comfortable weather before the ...

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9. PHL17 People

  • PHL17 Morning News Team. Daisha Jones. Anchor. Jimmy Marlow. Anchor. Kelsey Fabian. Anchor. Monica Cryan. Meteorologist. Jenna Meissner. Traffic Anchor ...

  • PHL17 Morning News Team Daisha Jones Anchor

PHL17 People

10. PHL17 Morning News Weather - Yahoo

  • PHL17 Morning News Weather. WPHL Philadelphia. January 8, 2024. this.mi.ima3 is not a function. Error Code: 400-404. Session Id: slo2uc6s (Pls: 59b39531- ...

  • Monica in front of some graphics.

PHL17 Morning News Weather - Yahoo

11. Brittany Boyer - Philadelphia - 6ABC

  • Brittany Boyer joined the Action News weather team in April 2021. Before that, she was an on-air meteorologist with 6abc's partner, AccuWeather in State ...

  • Brittany Boyer is a meteorologist for 6abc Action News in Philadelphia

Brittany Boyer - Philadelphia - 6ABC
Phl17 Weather (2024)


Who is Monica Cryan? ›

Weather Source Meteorologist for @phl17 . Tune in for the most accurate forecast and most ridiculous antics.

Who is the morning weather girl on PHL17? ›

Our local reporters bring you what's breaking in your neighborhood each morning. Meteorologist Monica Cryan is tracking the forecast all morning long, so you know what to expect before you leave for work or school.

Did Kelsey Fabian have a baby? ›

Congratulations to our anchor, Kelsey Fabian, and her husband, CJ, on the birth of their adorable baby boy. We wish you all the best and can't wait to meet Banks soon!

Where is channel 17 in Philadelphia? ›

Driving directions to PHL17 — WPHL-TV, 5001 Wynnefield Ave, Philadelphia - Waze.

Did Monica Cryan have her baby? ›

Congratulations to PHL17 Meteorologist Monica Cryan on the birth of her son! Eugene Cryan was born Wednesday morning weighing in at 9 lbs. 4 oz. Watch the video above to see the announcement play out on PHL17 Morning News.

Who is the weather woman on PHL17? ›

Monica Cryan - Tribune Media, PHL17 | LinkedIn.

Who is the new weather girl on your morning? ›

Here is how @Kelsey McEwen, Meteorologist does the national weather forecast on Your Morning! ☀️🌧️🌩️ #weather #meteorologist #national #forecast #canada.

Who is the weather girl on NBC Philadelphia? ›

Michelle Rotella – NBC10 Philadelphia. Michelle Rotella is a meteorologist for NBC10.

Who is the morning weather lady on NBC? ›

Belen De Leon – NBC Los Angeles. Belen De Leon is the NBC4 Today in LA meteorologist weekdays 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. She is part of the award-winning weather team that has earned Most Accurate Weather Team in Southern California by WeatheRate for six consecutive years.

Does Fabian Forte have children? ›

In 1998, Fabian married model Andrea Patrick, a former Miss Pennsylvania-USA and Miss West Virginia, who is the owner/CEO of Patrick Talent Agency. He is also a proud father of a son, Christian Forte, and his wife, and their daughter, Fabian's granddaughter, Ava Josephine, and a daughter, Julie Forte.

What happened to channel 17 in Philadelphia? ›

Out will be reruns of sitcoms like "Modern Family" and "Seinfeld," and in will be shows from The CW, including "All-American" and "Walker." It didn't take long for The CW to find a new home in Philadelphia.

Who owns channel 17 in Philadelphia? ›

Owned and operated by The CW's majority owner, Nexstar Media Group, WPHL-TV has studios in the Wynnefield section of West Philadelphia; it maintains a channel sharing agreement with Vineland, New Jersey–licensed Univision station WUVP-DT (channel 65), under which the two stations transmit using WPHL-TV's spectrum from ...

What is the history of PHL17? ›

WPHL-TV, known as PHL17, signed on the air September 17, 1965. PHL17 produced and aired numerous local television shows over the years, including kids' favorite Wee Willie Webber's Colorful Cartoon Club, Dr. Shock's Horror Theater, and the 1980s teen dance hit Dancin' on Air that included the TV debut of Madonna.

Who is the weather girl on the ABC Morning Show? ›

Emmy Award-winner, Ginger Zee is Good Morning America's chief meteorologist, reporting on the nation's weather throughout the morning broadcast.

Who is the morning weather girl on Wtae? ›

Connect. Meteorologist Ashley Dougherty forecasts Pittsburgh weather each weekday morning on Pittsburgh's Action News 4.

Who is Brianna Ruffalo weather person? ›

Brianna Ruffalo is a prominent journalist and meteorologist known for her role at ABC7 News in Los Angeles. Born on May 10, 1991, in Los Angeles County, California, Brianna has carved a niche for herself as a trusted weather and traffic anchor.

Who is Soumada weather girl? ›

Soumada is a graduate of University of Irvine with a degree in Political Science, as well as completing her studies and specializing in Meteorology at Mississippi State University. Born in a refugee camp in Thailand, Soumada came to the States at a year old, and spent her early childhood years in Denver, Colorado.

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