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Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park is a fantastic place to have fun with your whole family in the Minneapolis area. It features thrilling coasters, chilled-out kids’ rides, tasty treats, and an adjacent water park called Soak City.

We specialize in helping people find the best admission prices to theme parks across the United States. And while we sell discounted tickets, your situation may warrant a different way to purchase Valleyfair tickets.

So, we researched and listed every legitimate option that we could find, even those directly through the park. This way, you can avoid trying coupons, deals, and promo codes that don’t work.

We can help you save on tickets, tours, and hotels. If you purchase through some of the links below, we may be compensated. Thank you for supporting our small business! Our editorial guidelines.

Gate Prices For Valleyfair Tickets

It’s important to understand how much Valleyfair tickets are at the gate so that you can understand the potential savings by purchasing elsewhere. Here are the gate prices, subject to change based on the day; nevertheless, the following serves as a guideline for the expected costs if purchasing at the gate.

  • $69.80/ages 3+ (tax included) for a one-day pass
  • $128.78/ages 3+ (tax included) for a two-day pass
  • Ages 0-2 are free!

But, seriously, no one pays gate prices. There’s no need because so many discounted ticket options exist, even ones directly through the park.

Ages 15 and younger need to be accompanied by a chaperone who is at least 21 years old to enter or remain in the park after 4 p.m. Read the full policy before you buy.

Best Options for Valleyfair Discount Tickets

There are several different methods for acquiring a discounted Valleyfair ticket, and the method you choose will depend on how many people are in your group and when you visit. We break down the options, starting with what the park offers online.

1. Through Valleyfair Online

By design, one of the best places to save on Valleyfair tickets is through their website. They charge a $6.99 processing fee and tax at check-out.

  • Daily Tickets: From $39.99
  • Funday Bundle (Admission + All Day Dining): From $54.99
  • Silver Pass: $89
  • Dine & Ride Bundle (After 3 p.m. Admission + Single Meal Deal) ticket: From $44.99
  • Bring a Friend Ticket: $24.99

Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park and Soak City Waterpark also don’t require reservations. When you arrive, simply scan your digital or printed pre-paid ticket at the front gates!

2. Discounted Single-Day Valleyfair Tickets

We have discounted tickets to theme parks across the United States, such as Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park and its Soak City Waterpark. These tickets are powered by aRes Travel, an authorized Cedar Fair ticket seller. (Cedar Fair is the parent company of Valleyfair, Kings Island, Knott’s Berry Farm, and other awesome parks.) You’ll need to request the discount from us by text (an email option is coming soon).

This price is lower in most circ*mstances because of the higher service charge and tax charged by Valleyfair online.

One-Day Passes — Request my Discount for the lowest price!The One Day Ticket is valid for one (1) visit May 12 – September 2, 2024 for a full park experience including theme and water park.Soak City Waterpark is open on select dates May 25 – September 2, 2024. Go straight to the gate. No reservations are required! Ask me by SMS for the details and get access to LOW prices at other theme parks, too. *TEXT VALLEY

3. Valleyfair Hotel & Tickets Package

Our bundled deal offers up to 30% when you combine your hotel reservation with your discounted Valleyfair tickets. There are 15 great hotels to choose from that qualify for this packaged deal. Shop packages.

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4. Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park Season Passes

If you’re a resident or in Minneapolis frequently, getting Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park Season Passes for you and your family may be worth your while. Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park Season Passes have three tier levels. Each one offers exciting amenities that elevate your Valleyfair and Soak City experience.

2024 Silver Pass

  • Unlimited summer and fall daytime visits
  • Free General Parking
  • Unlimited Tricks and Treats Visits
  • 10% off Food and Merchandise Discounts
  • Bring-A-Friend Discount Tickets
  • Pass Perks
  • Two Pre-Ka Passes
  • Price: $89 or 4 easy payments of $16 after initial payment of $25

2024 Gold Pass

  • Everything you receive with the Silver Pass
  • Unlimited ValleyScare Visits
  • Renewal Pricing
  • Price: $99 or 4 easy payments of $18 after initial payment of $27

2024 Gold Pass with the ALL PARK Passport Add-On

This pass includes all the parks of the Gold Pass PLUS:

  • Unlimited visits to all Cedar Fair Parks
  • Price: $100 (in addition to the $99 paid for Gold Pass)

The Pass Perks rewards program is an enticing opportunity for pass holders. With each visit, you can earn points that are later redeemed for real rewards.

5. Valleyfair Group Sale Discounts

Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park knows that each group of visitors may look slightly different from the next. So, they’ve implemented several kinds of group sale discounts to meet your group’s needs.

Group Tickets (15+ People)

  • Entry for a minimum of 15 and up to 99 people
  • Significant discount on individual tickets when purchased in bulk
  • Great for small birthday parties or medium-sized group outings

Corporate Groups

  • Discounted, bundled Valleyfair and Soak City tickets for workplaces
  • An excellent opportunity for teambuilding
  • A popular choice for company picnics in Minnesota

Student & Youth Groups

  • Organized excursions for schools, camps, etc.
  • Bundled discounts for several sizes of groups

Group Celebrations

  • Discounted tickets for birthday parties and family reunions
  • Customizable events and experiences

6. Bring-A-Friend Tickets

Amusem*nt parks are more fun with friends. Whether you’re getting the thrill of your life on the famous Corkscrew coaster or chilling out at Barefoot Beach, you’re set to have a good time with your friends by your side.

Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park offers the Bring-A-Friend program for Season Pass holders. For a discounted ticket price, you can take up to 6 additional unsubscribed friends with you on each visit.

Bring-A-Friend tickets start at $24.99 and go up from there, compared to the average $65 plus tax front gate price. However, these are usually significant savings for large travel groups.

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7. AAA Discount To Valleyfair Minnesota

AAA members benefit from a huge variety of rewards. For example, AAA is one of the premier distributors of discounted amusem*nt park tickets.

They offer their members discounted Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park tickets, but you’ll need to check with your local office to be sure your membership qualifies. You can use these discounted tickets to access Soak City Waterpark, too.

8. Valleyfair Pre-K Pass

Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park and Soak City Waterpark are proud to offer engaging entertainment for all ages. They want all their guests, even the little ones, to have a fun time they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Season Pass holders can take their little ones to Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park and Soak City Waterpark for FREE!

Free Pre-K Passes are available to Gold and Platinum Annual Pass Holders. The best part is that there are no blackout dates for these free Valleyfair Pre-K Passes, too.

9. Valleyfair Military Days

Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park in Minnesota loves our vets. As a result, they’ve extended a helping hand to those who do a job that is, in their words, “greater than the self.”

In the past, they have offered special military days where discounted Valleyfair tickets were as low as $37 per person. However, military members receive FREE admission on Memorial Day weekend (May 24-27, 2024)! This special offer applies to:

  • Active U.S. Military
  • Retired U.S. Military
  • Veterans
  • Reserves
  • National Guard

10. Ongoing Military Discounts

Similarly, military personnel can receive other exclusive savings on Valleyfair tickets throughout the year. With proper identification, active and retired military personnel can purchase discounted Valleyfair tickets for one day from $34.99 for up to six people.

These passes are valid for one day, given that Valleyfair is hosting its regular operating hours. You can access it online through

Discount Valleyfair Tickets: 10 Cheap Ways To Save Money - La Jolla Mom (3)

Valleyfair Ticket Upgrades

While all Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park experiences are special, you can upgrade your tickets to make them even more memorable. These optional add-ons are customizable, allowing your travel group to reap the benefits that are best for them.

Drink & Dining Savings

You can get exclusive food and drink savings with a Valleyfair Season Pass. However, you can upgrade your tickets to enjoy options like season-wide dining, all-day dining, refillable or reusable cups, and commemorative souvenir bottles or drink wristbands.

Fast Lane Passes

Lines can get long on Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park’s peak visiting days. Fast Lane passes allow you to wait less and ride more with two different tiered tickets.

The basic Fast Lane pass grants you access to the Fast Lane with your single or 2-day admission. The upgraded Fast Lane pass is ideal for Season Pass holders, as it can get you into the Fast Lane any day you visit Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park.

We recommend this upgrade for trips planned during busy vacation times or special events, like Tricks and Treats.

Photo Pass

With an exclusive All Season Fun Foto Pass, you can capture all of your 2024 Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park and Soak City Waterpark memories.

This add-on gives you unlimited access to ePhotos from the Front Gate and rides. Watch your family grow and evolve with each visit to Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park.


Relax and unwind while you splash at Soak City. Take a break from the waves for a moment in one of their exclusive private cabanas. Your group can rent a few different kinds of cabanas to enhance your R&R during your time at Soak City.

Breakers Bay Standard Cabanas are a popular option, offering seating for up to 6 people (and access up to 8) with two chaise lounge chairs, a bucket of popcorn to snack on, a lockable safe, ceiling fan, beverage refrigerator, tv & personal care basket, pool-side food & beverage service, and optional pass holder discounts for $99 per day.

The Kiddie Splash Pad cabanas are similar, offering the same amenities, minus pass holder discounts, at the same price, but these cabanas feature easy access to a popular attraction for the kids.

You can upgrade to Breakers Bay Premium Cabanas for $189. These include all of the basic amenities minus pass holder discounts, and they feature luxurious Premium Padded Seating, as well as a welcome package with four towels and eight bottles of water for your group.


Valleyfair and Soak City Waterpark are ADA-compliant. This means that they offer several different rentals to guests with special needs.

They provide standard manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, and wheelchairs with canopies to their guests. Additionally, single or double strollers can be rented for the little ones in your travel group.

Important Tips For Visiting Valleyfair

Discount Valleyfair Tickets: 10 Cheap Ways To Save Money - La Jolla Mom (4)

Valleyfair amusem*nt park is fun for the whole family. You don’t have to be an epic thrill seeker to have a great time at this Cedar Fair park.

Instead, they offer a range of high-intensity rides for adrenaline lovers and low-intensity adventures for more timid guests. Regardless of your amusem*nt park experience, there’s a plethora of things for you to do at Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park and its Soak City Waterpark.

Popular Rides

Popular rides at Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park include Corkscrew, a high-intensity rollercoaster. This vibrant coaster features loops, twists, and turns that will get your heart rate pumping. If you want to kick your thrills up a notch, the purple coaster Delirious will leave you feeling…well, delirious! This is also an upside-down coaster that isn’t for the faint of heart.

For a calmer experience, you can check out the Ferris Wheel, which offers incredible views of Minneapolis. They have other classics, like a carousel and bumper cars, too!

Water Slides

Over at its sister, Soak City Waterpark, the most exciting waterslide is Breakers Pipeline. This one is for bigger kids (and adults!) who love a big drop. If you want to chill out a bit, Ripple Rapids offers a good soak without the screams you’d get from the slides. Plus, there is Peanuts theming throughout both parks. Be sure to snap a pic with Snoopy before you head home!

Special Events & Halloween

The most exciting events coming to Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park in Minneapolis are the MonsterJam Thunder Alley show and Tricks and Treats for Halloween.

Tricks and Treats is a family-friendly event, so you shouldn’t expect scares as you’d find at Universal’s annual Halloween Horror Nights. Instead, you can explore the Land of Tricks, complete with a comedy show, live band, and game show.

Then, you can head over to the Land of Treats, with exclusive, limited-time treats that are just to die for. Tricks and Treats hopes to include the whole family in its haunts, even the faint-hearted.

Live Shows

There are other non-seasonal shows, too. The Peanuts Block Party is super popular, as it engages kids and adults alike with their favorite Peanuts characters. This show is more kid-centric, but grownups have a good time partying with Woodstock, too. You can also take photos with the Peanuts gang at the Peanuts meet & greet.

If you’re into live music, Minnie & The St. Pauls puts on a killer rock and roll set. You can check them out all season long at various slots throughout the day.


Like other Cedar Fair parks, Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park and Soak City Waterpark offer many dining options. You can expect to find your favorite amusem*nt park staples, like hot dogs and pizza.

However, standouts include Fryer Tuck’s Home Made French Fries and Midway Fudge & Taffy. Check each restaurant’s menu for dietary restrictions and allergy information.

Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discount Valleyfair Tickets: 10 Cheap Ways To Save Money - La Jolla Mom (5)

Does Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park currently offer a Student Discount?

Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park in Minneapolis does not offer student discounts. Generally, all prepaid and front-gate ticket rates are the same beyond the Pre-K level.

Does Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park currently offer a First Responder’s Discount?

Valleyfair Amusem*nt Park does not offer a standard First Responder’s Discount. However, it occasionally hosts First Responder Days.

Does Valleyfair offer a Teacher’s Discount?

Valleyfair does not offer a recurring Teacher’s Discount as of August 2022. However, they do participate in Appreciation for Education Week. This special event will be held from August 22-September 5, 2022. Eligible guests can purchase tickets ahead of time to receive all the exclusive event benefits, such as discounted park admission, Planet Snoopy access, and Soak City Waterpark admission.

Can I Find Discounted Valleyfair Tickets on Groupon?

In the past, purchasing tickets to Valleyfair on Groupon has been possible. Currently, there aren’t any for sale, but you can check back to see if any Valleyfair discount tickets become available at a lower price than the methods mentioned above.

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Photos are courtesy of Valleyfair.

Discount Valleyfair Tickets: 10 Cheap Ways To Save Money - La Jolla Mom (2024)


Does Soak City cost extra at Valleyfair? ›

Soak City is Valleyfair's premier waterpark and is included with all park tickets and Season Passes. Our goal is for you to have a safe and enjoyable visit.

How much is parking at Valleyfair, MN? ›

The plan keeps the first two hours of parking at Valley Fair free of charge, with company research showing that this will accommodate nearly 80% of existing customer visits. Fees: 0-2 hours FREE; 2-3 hours $2; 3-4 hours $4; 4-5 hours $6; 5-6 hours $8; 6-7 hours $10; 10+ hours a maximum daily rate of $10.

How many rides are at Valleyfair? ›

With more than 75 rides and attractions, Valleyfair is the Twin Cities' amusem*nt park where families come to play the Minnesota way! The thrilling rides at Valleyfair are designed for one thing – absolute FUN!

When did Valleyfair open this year? ›

Can you bring food into Soak City? ›

Soak City is a smoke free environment. Smoking is permitted outside of the Water Park and in the designated location just outside the Main Gate. The following items are not permitted inside the park: large coolers, food, beverages, glass, pop-up shade structures, playpens, or tents.

Do I bring my own towel to Valleyfair? ›

Yes, bring your own towel.

What should I bring to Valleyfair? ›

Valleyfair allows guests to bring in one factory sealed water bottle OR an empty water bottle per person. No one wants to leave the park early due to dehydration. So, make sure to stay hydrated throughout your visit and bring a water bottle! The Valleyfair app is available on the Apple App store or Google Play.

Why did Valley Fair start charging for parking? ›

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – A popular shopping center in San Jose wants to discourage people who work nearby from parking their cars at the mall all day. Westfield Valley Fair shopping center is apparently getting a lot of people parking there, leaving their cars, and going elsewhere to work.

Do you have to pay for parking at the MN State Fair? ›

Vehicle parking in State Fair lots is $20 (cash or credit/debit) and is paid for as you enter to park. See our Parking Updates page for fairgrounds' lot updates.

How long is the lazy river at Valleyfair? ›

Ripple Rapids features 1,280 feet of river that meanders around Soak City Waterpark. Guests must be 42" tall in bare feet to ride alone OR accompanied by a supervising companion.

Is Valleyfair owned by Six Flags? ›

Cedar Fair is the owner of Minnesota's Valley Fair amusem*nt park. Amusem*nt parks have seen an uptick in revenue but have struggled to raise attendance since the pandemic, even as other entertainment sectors have bounced back.

What is the oldest roller coaster at Valleyfair? ›

High Roller is Valleyfair's oldest roller coaster, being built in 1976 when the park opened.

How old is Valleyfair? ›

A Minnesota tradition since 1976. A history of Valleyfair from the very beginning. Valleyfair Family Amusem*nt Park opened its gates over 45 years ago with 20 rides and attractions on 26 acres in Shakopee, Minnesota.

How big is 6 Flags? ›

Known as the undisputed “Thrill Capital of the World,” the 260-acre theme park boasts 20 world-class coasters – more than any other theme park on the planet! Plus, pint-sized thrills for thrill seekers-in-training and classic rides for the whole family to enjoy!

How many people visit Valleyfair a year? ›

In-Park Media

FunTV's content entertains and informs guests while they stand in line to ride one of 189 of our most popular attractions. Each year, over 25 million guests visit our parks.

How long is the lazy river at Soak City? ›

This attraction is a slow-moving 1,780 foot long lazy river. Maximum water depth is 2'6”. Guests may walk or swim in the Sunset River.

Do I need to bring a towel to Soak City? ›

Tips For Visiting Knott's Soak City

Be sure to pack your swimsuit, a rash guard, towels, sandals/water shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a waterproof phone case. If you forget any of these items, the WipeOut Surf Shop sells them all of your waterpark needs.

How many rides are at Soak City? ›

Soak City boasts 23 speed, tube and body slides including Shore Break featuring 6 different waterslide experiences and a thrilling family raft ride, The Wedge; the 750,000-gallon Tidal Wave Bay wavepool; a one‑third‑mile Sunset River; and the three‑story Beach House, featuring 200 water guns, nozzles, sprayers and ...

How much are lockers at Soak City? ›

Lockers are available for rent.

Several automated rental kiosks are set up in the Davy Jones' Lockers area near the front entrance. The lockers come in three sizes and rent for $15 to $25 a day.

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