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Forest is a Locationin Baldur's Gate 3. TheForestis located within the Druid Grove, and can be found to the west of the Emerald Grove and northwest of the Roadside Cliffs. On this page, you can findrelated information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips aboutForest.

Baldur's Gate 3 Forest Map


Forest Sub-Areas in Baldur's Gate 3

  • Owlbear Nest

Baldur's Gate 3 Forest Notable NPCs and Merchants

  • Andrick
  • Brynna
  • Edowin
  • Scratch

Items in Baldur's Gate 3 Forest

  • Goblin's Drawing
  • Personal Note
  • Shaft of a Broken Spear
  • Soft Letter
  • Tadpole (Illithid Power)
  • Tough Letter
  • Tourmaline Ring

Baldur's Gate 3 Forest Quests

  • Defeat the Goblins
  • Find a Cure

Baldur's Gate 3 Forest Walkthrough

You can reach the Forest by heading west from the Emerald Grove Environs Waypoint. If you're heading to the Forest after meeting with Raphael, head northeast towards the cliff's edge, then climb down the Cragged Rock to get to the green pastures of the Forest.

You'll find yourself at around (X:170, Y:416) when you first enter the Forest from the above two methods. Nearby at (X:172, Y:419), you can approach the stone wall to roll a Perception Check. If anyone in the party succeeds, you'll find a hidden Stone Door that grants you access to the Underground Passage linking the Forest with the Emerald Grove. Please visit it's individual page for a walkthrough on the Underground Passage.

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From here, you'll have two paths to follow. You can start by heading north up the dirt path. Up ahead at (X:143, Y:440), you'll find two people looking over a dying Dwarf. A cutscene will begin when you get close enough to them. Brynna will be suspicious of you and you'll have four dialogue options to choose from:

  • Freeze and hold up your hands
  • What happened to your friend?
  • [MEDICINE] His wounds look deep. I might be able to help.
  • [ILLITHID] [WISDOM] I will go where where I wish.

If you attempt the Medicine Check, you'll have to pass a DC of 10. If you choose any of the first three options, even if you fail your Medicine Check, Edowin will intervene, and you will be met with another 3 options:

  • Try to block him out.
  • Hold his stare.
  • Move away, reaching for your weapon.

If you choose the second option, he will recognize you as a True Soul andget Andrick and Brynna to trust you. They'll ask you what to do next. You can freely choose any of the next options without consequence to learn more about the topic you choose, except the second option where you say that you are not a True Soul. Be careful as well after choosing the fourth option, asking them what they are doing in the wilderness. If you tell them that you are a survivor of the crash afterward, they will turn hostile and force you into a fight. Andrick will drop a Chain Mail and a Longsword and Brynna will drop a Leather Armour and Mace.If you choose thefinal option and ask what happened to Edowin, you may get the option to order them to help you defeat the Owlbear in the Owlbear Nest later on.

Whether or not you fought Andrick and Brynna, you'll be able to loot Edowin's corpse. When you do, your character will be pulled towards the tadpole in Edowin. You have three options to choose from here:

  1. Let your body guide you - welcome the tadpole's influence.
  2. [STRENGTH] The tadpole is toying with you. Resist it.
  3. [WISDOM] Force your mind shut. You will not be influenced by an illithid parasite.

If you choose the first option or fail your checks when choosing the other options, you will get a tadpole that you can use to unlock a new Illithid Powers. If you choose the third option, you will have to succeed in a DC 12 Wisdom Check to resist the tadpole. Succeed, and a small tadpole will scurry away from the body, to the west. If you are quick enough, you may be able to kill the parasite. This interaction will be noted in your journal under the Find a Cure Quest.

You will then be able to loot Edowin's body for some Food,Gold, and the Shaft of a Broken Spear. You may also cast Speak with Dead on Edowin, if you have the ability to do so, to learn more about him and why he, Andrick, and Brynna were in the area. Andrick and Brynna will not respond to Speak with Dead if you killed them.

From Edowin's body, there's a ledge to the north where you can cast Misty Step on to reach another part of the Forest. There may be an enemy encounterat the open cave at the end, however, and you may want to find another way around or come back when all your party members have the ability to reach the high ledge as well.

Instead, from Edowin's body,head down the dirt path to the southwest. You'll eventually get to a split in the path at (X:117, Y:427). There's a Wispweed here, and if it's your first time collecting one, you'll unlock the recipe for the Sublimate of Wispweed. If you continue south under the bridge, you will get to a dead end with a Ruptured Mind Flayer Pod you can inspect. If you turn right and cross the river, you will get to a Cave Mouth. Your party members will automatically roll Survival Checks when you get near. If anyone succeeds, they will be able to identify the cave as an Owlbear Nest. Please visit it's individual page for a walkthrough on the Owlbear Nest.

After you finish exploring that area, head back up to Edowin's body, and this time head down the stone path to the west. You will find an Exanguinated Boar just before the bridge at (X:135, Y: 408). Whether this boar appears may depend on if you saved Astarionearlier or if he's in your party. Loot the boarand a cutscene will trigger if Astarion is in your party. He seems like he's in a hurry to leave this corpse behind. You can agree to move on or try to inspect the Boar through a DC 10 Medicine Check. If you succeed, you will then get the following dialogue options to choose from:

  1. [PERSUASION] These marks are strange. Do you recognise them?
  2. [INTIMIDATION] You know something about this, don't you?
  3. Yes. Let's go.

Choosing the first choice will prompt you to do a DC 10 Persuasion Check. If you succeed, Astarion will relent and tell you that the boar was killed by a vampire, and insiststhat he will keep a vigilant eye in camp tonight. Continue west onto the bridge afterwards. There are a lot of chests, barrels, and sacks here that contain a few pieces of Gold and some Food.

When you cross over, your character will notice a few corpses. There are 6 corpses here - three Dead Adventurers and two Dead Goblins, and a Dead Tiefling a bit further west. On these corpses you can find some Gold and Food, Thieves' Tools, a Trap Disarm Toolkit, Scroll of Misty Step, and Scroll of Feather Fall. More importantly, you can find theGoblin's Drawing on one of the goblin corpses. Reading this scroll will initiate the Defeat the Goblins Quest. None of the corpses in this area will respond to Speak with Dead.

When you approach the arch to Moonhaven where the Dead Tiefling lies, your party members will automatically roll Perception Checks. If anyone succeeds, they will notice that there's trouble up ahead in Moonhaven. When you enter Moonhaven, you'll actually be entering the Blighted Village. You may want to hold off entering this place until you finish certain parts of the Save the Refugees Quest. For a walkthrough on the Blighted Village, please visit it's individual page.

From the entrance to the Blighted Village, follow the path north. On the next right, you'll find a path back down to the Owlbear Nest. By the tree at the turn is a Bird Nest with a Tourmaline Ring in it. Continue north to (X:79, Y:471), and you'll find Scratch pacing up and down by his owner's corpse. Approach him to initiate a cutscene. You will be given 3 prompts:

  1. Reach out to pet him.
  2. Sidestep him to get to the corpse.
  3. Shoo him away.

If you pick the first option, you will get to pick from another 4 options:

  1. [ANIMAL HANDLING] Kneel - you mean no harm.
  2. [PERCEPTION] Peer at his collar.
  3. [INTIMIDATION] Stand down!
  4. Leave.

If you pick the third option, you will have to succeed in a DC 10 Intimidation Check. If you pass any of the checks, you will have the option to take a closer look at him or pet him. You can then motion him to follow you after petting him. He won't leave his owner's corpse for now, but if youoffer your hand for him to sniff, he will make his way to Camp later on.

If Scratch is friendly with you, you can loot his owner's, Gomick, body. You can find and loot three notes from his body - Personal Note, Soft Letter, and Tough Letter. Cast Speak with Dead to learn more about him and his profession. South from here at (X:62, Y:463), approach the beehive. Your party members will automatically roll Perception Checks, and if anyone succeeds, your party will find a Rocky Crevice that someone small can fit into.

Once you're done here, make your way back to the entrance of Moonhaven. Head south this time, jumping down each ledge. Up ahead is a Bonecap, and if it's your first, you will unlock the recipe for the Vitriol of Bonecap. Keep following the path south and at (X:76, Y:356), your party will roll Perception Checks. If you continue southwest to (X:50, Y:314), you will exit the Forest and reach the Sunlit Wetlands.

BG3 Forest Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes & Trivia for the Forest goes here
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